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Every tiny screw of your garage door plays an important role to the good performance of the mechanism but, undoubtedly, the kings of all parts are the extension springs. In spite the fact that they must balance the weight and lift the heaviest device at home when you give the command, they also make sure your door is aligned and secured at a certain point. You may delay the replacement of a rusty screw without great repercussions to the system, but you must never neglect garage door spring repair.

The great importance of the torsion spring has led Garage Door Springs Richmond Hill to invest on perfectly trained technicians, who are familiar with all products and can guarantee their proper maintenance. Spring repair is one of the hardest garage door torsion springtasks, but it will ensure the good functioning of the system and will prevent any potential accident.

Today, garage door springs are very durable and come out in various types depending on your needs at home or at your business in Richmond Hill. Though, every product is made to last for a certain period of time and springs are not exception to the rule, but if you maintain them properly, they can live much longer than expected. Garage Door Springs Richmond Hill will always try to repair the damage but, sometimes, springs cannot be repaired. Our technicians will examine their condition and possibly proceed with garage door spring replacement, but they will also give you some maintenance tips and help you pick out the best product for you home.

It’s no wonder that our clients are spread throughout Ontario since we are experts on springs and we know how to solve their problems.

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