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Garage Door Installation

When the existing aluminum garage doors are seriously dented, old, or outdated, we can replace them. A new door won’t only make a difference to the curb appeal of your house, but will also increase its security and your overall convenience. Over the years the surface of the door gets chipped, rotten or corroded. The edges of wood garage doors warp. When the material of the door is damaged, the door doesn’t offer the expected security. We provide garage door installation in Richmond Hill and do our job right from start to finish in an effort to increase the level of your safety and help you keep the property secured.Garage Door Installation Richmond Hill

Let us install your new Craftsman garage doors

New steel garage doors can also be insulated. That’s one more option consumers have today. The benefit of insulated doors is that they keep drafts from coming in and maintain the indoor temperatures. Since they can be constructed in multiple layers, they are also stronger and perform quieter. This way, you save money from utility bills since the insulation of the whole house is affected in the most positive way. We also install wind-load doors, which are designed with low gauge steel parts in order to withstand strong winds but also tornados. Whichever door you choose, leave garage door installation to us.

We make sure garage door replacement is done with accuracy. The removal of the door is very important. Our experts are insured and qualified to engage in such huge projects. We are also updated with new materials, but also innovative openers and can install any door type or branded opener. Our help starts the day you contact us. We don’t only measure and make suggestions, but try to find out what you like. Do you want garage door windows? Are you interested in a specific opener brand? We listen, check your current garage door, and see if the springs must be replaced too. Rest assured that we can replace any opener, door and their parts and do the Richmond Hill garage door installation work whenever it’s convenient to you. Let us talk about your new door soon. Call Garage Door Repair Richmond Hill today.

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